Skylight Overview

Skylight empowers users to be in charge of their programs, including writing their own custom monitoring rules without complex code and tech skills as well as the ability to test the rules before releasing them to production and “one click” SAR submission capabilities.

Skylight offers case management that intuitively fits with all other modules offered. It has a transaction monitoring module inclusive of robust entity resolution rules and flexible parameters, an open, blank slate rule wizard that will enable you to specifically create rules for your monitoring, and electronic FinCEN filing compatibility. Additionally, Skylight offers a nimble Fraud module that will enable customers to mitigate their fraud risk according to their risk appetite. Skylight will continue to evolve and grow with additional features and capabilities.

Working With Skylight

Our account management team will notify customers of software version updates.

Skylight supports US FinCEN filings like SARs and CTRs. As a fast follow to our Skylight release in the US market, we will enable global capabilities inclusive of other regulatory jurisdictions where filings are required.

We keep all the heavy lifting behind the scenes. With minimal complexity for the customer, the system configurations, management and training are simple and clear.

Absolutely, Skylight allows self-service rule changes to keep up with the rapidly evolving compliance world. These rule changes can be configured and tested in a trial environment by using true production data, before you activate them, allowing the rules to be tuned appropriately.

The platform is built agnostic to any cloud environment and therefore, can be hosted in any cloud provider. Skylight resides in the same environment as your customer data, keeping sensitive information secure.


Contact your epay account manager who will help or escalate the issue.

Submit feedback or wish list items, and we will consider them as we develop future releases of Skylight.

Next Steps

Contact us or request a demo to connect with an epay representative.