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Euronet Worldwide’s epay division to launch Skylight™, a financial transaction monitoring platform that shines a light on illicit consumer behavior

epay’s new cloud platform streamlines and automates the traditionally manual financial transactions compliance investigation process to reduce regulatory and reputational risk for money services businesses.

LEAWOOD, Kansas. June 15, 2022 – epay, a business segment of Euronet Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ: EEFT), announced today the launch of Skylight, a financial transaction monitoring platform that brings much needed innovation to the complex and tedious manual work compliance analysts face when maintaining compliance programs for regulated financial transactions at money services businesses such as retailers, digital banks, and fintechs.

Skylight is a cloud-based platform designed to greatly enhance compliance analysts’ productivity levels through analytics to identify the highest priority compliance issues while reducing the “false positives” that consume time and resources unnecessarily. When suspicious transactions are identified, Skylight triggers alerts for compliance analysts and then streamlines follow-up tasks such as one-click Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) submissions to FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the United States Department of the Treasury.

Skylight provides users with unmatched flexibility through its customizable compliance rules wizard. Using intuitive, open form, and dynamic user interfaces, the wizard enables compliance analysts to define their rules simply and without assistance from internal IT or other departments. Additionally, to facilitate the rule tuning process, Skylight allows compliance analysts to run rules in trial mode, where the platform uses real production data to measure each rule’s productivity without creating unnecessary alerts, providing a new level of efficiency for any compliance program.

Skylight provides a modern compliance solution for the evolving payments landscape

Compliance analysts need Skylight to address the ever-increasing volume and variety of transactions from consumers in the modern payments landscape.

Incumbent market solutions are outdated by the standards of modern business users, expensive, and lack the ability to fully adapt to many of the changes introduced by mobile and digital payments, exposing businesses to issues with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Terrorism Financing (CTF), and fraud risks. With Skylight, compliance analysts finally have everything they need to monitor transaction activity confidently and efficiently, exposing potential criminal activity early in the compliance investigation process.

While transaction monitoring is a primary focus for Skylight, it also offers a holistic approach to compliance program management and risk mitigation. With front end integration options, the platform offers real-time fraud mitigation capabilities, and a dynamic analytics overlay that gives compliance professionals the ability to better understand their risks and interpret their data and insights with ease.

“Financial regulatory compliance is vitally important to every organization, but modern tools have fallen short in addressing the needs of compliance departments in terms of automation and increasing accuracy,” said Kevin Caponecchi, Executive VP and CEO, epay, Software and EFT Asia Pacific Division at Euronet. “With Skylight, we are leveraging years of experience in compliance management across our parent company, Euronet, as well as epay’s work with key customers who use the tool to manage their compliance obligations.”

Initial release of Skylight to be available on AWS

Skylight will be available on all cloud platforms, starting with AWS later this year. AWS and epay will collaborate on the promotion of the platform to both companies’ customer bases. Initially available for transaction monitoring in the United States, Skylight’s monitoring capabilities will be expanded worldwide, offering global businesses the ability to monitor all transactions across borders with one platform.

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