Welcome to Skylight

Streamlined investigations.
Robust analytics.
Exceptional compliance and fraud mitigation programs.

With Skylight from epay, it’s never been easier to address the ever-increasing volume and variety of transactions from consumers in the modern payments and financial services landscape.

The Challenge

Tools to manage AML and fraud risk in a fast‑paced Financial Services business are antiquated and complex

Traditional solutions with mitigation tools have not evolved to provide the flexible interface and functionality that today’s financial services providers need.

Compliance programs lack options for managing risk in a complex environment. Interfaces are not built for average business users.

High IT dependency creates elevated costs and overhead to maintain complex tools. Compliance teams constantly compete for IT resources, causing delays to critical updates.

Skylight Platform Overview

Take your compliance program to new heights of accuracy and efficiency with Skylight

Fully-Integrated Solution

  • Cross-vendor monitoring
  • Aggregate transactions across multiple providers
  • Manage activity across typologies and patterns
  • File FinCEN reports

Cross-Product Functionality

  • Customizable options help analyze any transaction
  • Accommodate any rule in your compliance program

Dynamic Rule Definition Engine

  • Defines compliance rules in a no-code wizard to identify suspicious activity
  • Highly configurable and flexible
  • Intuitive design guides users through fields

Case Management

  • Data-rich dashboards and reporting
  • Timely investigation and filing
  • Aggregate level reporting for analysis over time
  • Robust analytics overlay

Alert Management

  • Fraudulent activity quickly identified
  • Front-end integration unlocks real time controls
  • Efficient fraud risk mitigation

Form Submissions

  • Auto-populates and submits SAR and CTR forms
  • Other jurisdictions also available

End to End Case Management Life Cycle

Skylight supports the entire case management lifecycle from input, response and investigation to oversight, reporting and audit.

Full audit trail

Permissions-based users

User friendly interfaces

Reduced IT dependency

High level of configurability and flexibility


Skylight creates efficiencies in compliance programs across several industries

Money Service Businesses

Use Skylight to address challenges with nonstandard customer data collection and availability. Match customer activity across various alternative financial services products to effectively identify potentially suspicious activity.


Skylight provides financial institutions seeking operational efficiencies with a more nimble and flexible technology that enables compliance teams to do more with less.


Non-traditional financial institutions with unique risks and operational models leverage Skylight to monitor, access, and mitigate AML and fraud risks efficiently.

Skylight handles the complexity so you don’t have to

How Skylight Works

Highly flexible, configurable solution puts you in control of your compliance program

Skylight Benefits

Why choose skylight?

  • Business user design
  • No-code compliance rules wizard
  • Enables self-sufficiency
  • High level of configurability
  • Limited IT dependency
  • Transparent pricing
  • No hidden upsell or extra cost for core functionality
  • Quick deployment
  • Straightforward implementation


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