Skylight Platform

Take your compliance program to new heights of accuracy and efficiency with Skylight

Fully integrated solution

Address the ever-increasing volume and variety of consumer transactions in the payments landscape with a platform that complements your compliance program.

Cross-vendor monitoring

Aggregate transactions across multiple providers

Manage activity across typologies and patterns

Digitally file FinCEN reports via integrated connection

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Cross-product functionality

Adapt to the many changes created by mobile and digital payments and help your business reduce its exposure to issues with Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) and fraud risks.

Customizable options help analyze any transaction

Accommodate any rule in your compliance program

Dynamic rule definition engine

Skylight’s easy-to-use tools make it possible to define compliance rules without writing or editing code or involving internal IT or other departments.

Defines compliance rules in a no-code wizard to identify suspicious activity

Highly configurable and flexible

Intuitive design guides users through fields

Test rules against production data in ‘trial mode’ to ensure intended rule function before releasing into production

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End-to-end case management life cycle

Skylight supports the entire case management lifecycle from input, response and investigation to oversight, reporting and audit. Get unparalleled flexibility and configurable settings for due date calculations, quality assurance flows, secondary approvals for regulatory filing submissions and more.

Data-rich dashboards and reporting

Timely investigation and filing

Aggregate level reporting for analysis over time

Robust analytics overlay

Alert management

Skylight offers a holistic approach to compliance program management, empowering you to understand your data better, gain insights and easily interpret possible risks.

Fraudulent activity is quickly identified

Front-end integration unlocks real time controls

Efficient fraud risk mitigation

AI-powered alert triage and prioritization

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Form submissions

Suspicious transactions trigger alerts and streamlines follow-up tasks for compliance analysts.

Auto-populates and submits SAR and CTR forms

International jurisdictions are also available

Comprehensive infrastructure options

Skylight is built as a cloud-native, fully containerized solution, which vastly simplifies maintenance. The platform’s cloud-agnostic architecture offers the flexibility to meet a wide range of development and deployment requirements.

Deploy Skylight on any public or private cloud

Implement Skylight directly into your cloud of choice, allowing you to retain control of your sensitive data

Skylight’s flexible architecture leaves you in control of implementation and deployment timelines

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Learn how to shine a light on illicit consumer behavior today

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