How Skylight Works

Skylight is a highly flexible, configurable solution that puts you in control of your compliance program

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Define rules

Easily create broad rules for patterns of behavior that might impact your entire network or specific rules for higher risk locations, people, transaction types or other events.

Customize alerts for aggregated data elements

Create rules quickly through an integrated Rules Wizard based on templates or your own business logic

Avoid long waiting periods for IT department resources to make updates for you by tuning existing rules yourself in Skylight’s no-code editor using “trial mode”

Ingest transactions

Include new or multiple products, providers, systems and sources into your monitoring activity with ease.

Enable your compliance program to move at the pace of your business and product development departments

Ingest transactions from multiple providers

Manage multiple transaction types

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Manage alerts

Intelligent aggregation of related alerts provides investigators complete views of suspicious activities from a particular source or related sources.

AI powered alert triage and prioritization for more efficient and timely disposition

Consolidate multiple alerts into a singular notification

Create manual alerts for internal referrals

Create cases

Investigators manage alerts end-to-end from alert disposition to regulatory filing through highly configurable workflows.

Escalate alerts to cases for investigation in Skylight’s intuitive case management interface

Skylight’s case management includes many quality assurance and quality check features, secondary approvals and live validation checks

AI tools and aggregation of related alerts encourages more efficient remediation and helps analysts prioritize and focus on the most critical cases first

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File regulatory reports

Skylight includes e-filing of SAR and CTR reports with configurable settings for when and how often submissions are sent to the corresponding regulatory entity.

Supports individual or batch e-filing of SAR and CTR reports

Embed checklists, secondary approvals and other quality control features into regulatory filing workflows

Easily manage your compliance program’s risk tolerance and maturity

Learn how to shine a light on illicit consumer behavior today

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