Skylight Benefits

From evaluation to implementation, Skylight optimizes the time and money you spend to manage your compliance program

AI & Machine Learning

Skylight leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning models for efficiencies and ongoing process enhancements. Alert triage and prioritization empower compliance leaders to deploy resources to more pressing risks. Skylight provides real-time features to detect fraud risks as they happen. Fraud models put compliance professionals in charge of their risk and how they attack it, allowing the flexibility for additional validation prompts and access to real-time blocks of potentially fraudulent activity.

Simple, no-code interface

Skylight provides much-needed freedom from long IT development and testing cycles. The no-code user interface provides intuitive ways to self-manage the tool and not depend on IT resources – internal or external – to adjust the system. A no-code rule wizard engine provides independence to compliance program managers to create, maintain, test and tune rules with ease and efficiency.

The user interfaces throughout Skylight were created with the business user in mind. From brand new compliance officers just starting their careers to mature compliance professionals with years of experience, the users will benefit from the dynamic UI that Skylight offers.

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Skylight delivers customization without additional costs. Users will have the autonomy to manage almost every setting and workflow configuration for their Skylight instance from the no-code interface directly. No longer needing to sit in the waiting line for IT resources, Skylight users will have complete freedom to customize the tool to fit their specific risks and needs with no additional costs or IT resources.


The pricing model for Skylight is transparent and simple. There are no hidden customization or bloated implementation costs and, most importantly, you will not have to pay extra licensing fees for basic functionality needed to support your AML and fraud programs fully. epay provides easy scalable per-transaction pricing that removes high barriers to entry. We are confident we can meet your needs in an affordable way.

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Skylight can be implemented in as quickly as 8 to 10 weeks. We recognize that compliance programs have to move quickly and efficiently. And with that in mind, we have created a streamlined approach to deployment and implementation. Skylight is cloud-native, agnostic and fully containerized. It can be deployed and implemented in almost any infrastructure model with ease.

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