Skylight and the Azure Marketplace

Empower Your Money Services Business with Skylight and Microsoft Azure

Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Azure, Skylight’s benefits complement Azure’s existing strengths, delivering a comprehensive compliance solution for your business.

Reasons why you should embrace running Skylight on Azure include:

Seamless Azure Integration

A Kubernetes of Things (KoT) fully contained SaaS compliance solution, Skylight can be purchased through the Azure Marketplace and deployed into your Azure environment as its own project. Skylight effortlessly integrates with your Azure environment, ensuring a smooth setup process without disrupting your current operations. Benefit from a unified ecosystem that optimizes your compliance workflow while leveraging the power of Azure’s cloud infrastructure.

Scalability and Performance

With Skylight on Azure, you can confidently tackle large transaction volumes with ease. Azure’s scalable infrastructure ensures that Skylight keeps pace with your business growth, providing real-time monitoring and robust AML checks.

Enhanced Data Security and Compliance

Rest assured that your critical transaction data is safeguarded with Azure’s top-notch security features. Skylight on Azure ensures strict compliance with industry regulations, empowering you to meet AML requirements and maintain your data security requirements.

Maximizes an Azure Investment

Say goodbye to wasted resources and hello to cost efficiency. Skylight’s consumption in your Azure environment counts towards your annual commitment, maximizing the value and investment your business has made in your Azure cloud.

Get Started with Skylight and Azure Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your Azure experience with Skylight, now available on the Azure Marketplace. Streamline your compliance operations, unlock the potential of Azure’s cloud capabilities, and safeguard your money services business from financial risks.