Payments Processors

Screen payments and enhance compliance operations with Skylight

Payments processors are challenged to adapt quickly to new and emerging payment methods while optimizing their operations and providing innovative services that cater to modern consumer and business demands. With these constant changes comes an increased risk of compliance issues and fraud.

Skylight enables payments processors to keep pace with the evolving payments landscape through a wide range of features and functionalities to reduce risks without adding complexity or the need for additional IT resources.

Key features of Skylight for payments processors include:

Cloud-Based: Skylight’s modern cloud architecture allows the software to run in payments processors’ cloud instances (AWS, Microsoft Azure, etc.).

Customizable Dashboard: Payments processors can monitor and manage their compliance operations through an intuitive, customizable dashboard that provides insights into total cases, open cases, and more.

Integration Capabilities: The software seamlessly ingests data from multiple sources, making implementation smooth and hassle-free.

Data-Driven Insights: Skylight’s analytics empower payments processors to identify trends and make informed decisions about their transaction patterns.

Fraud Mitigation: Skylight’s real-time, AI-enhanced fraud tools protect against consumer and payment fraud across payments processors’ business lines.

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