Skylight creates efficiencies in compliance programs across several industries

Money services businesses

MSBs manage unique risks depending on their sizes, offerings and complexity, and as a result no two MSB compliance programs are the same. Skylight accommodates these differences with the flexibility and tools needed to manage AML and fraud risks.

Use Skylight to address challenges with nonstandard customer data collection and availability. Match customer activity across various alternative financial services products to effectively identify potentially suspicious activity.

Use Skylight’s AI tools to prioritize alerts to increase responsiveness of compliance analysts to the highest risk cases and reduce false positives. Leverage AI and Machine Learning fraud screening to block and triage payment and consumer fraud. 

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Skylight provides financial institutions seeking operational efficiencies with a more nimble and flexible technology that enables compliance teams to do more with fewer resources required.

Legacy compliance products for banks are inflexible and require resources from IT and other departments. A modern platform, Skylight provides banks the freedom to manage and move quickly with total autonomy over their program. Aggregation of data from traditionally siloed data provides a case management layer for referrals from often segregated programs such as financial intelligence units and fraud teams.


With its configurable settings, Skylight empowers FinTech companies to enable the best solution for their needs. FinTechs and non-traditional financial institutions with unique risks and operational models leverage Skylight to efficiently monitor, assess and mitigate AML and fraud risks.

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